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Powerful New Data Acquisition for Windows

Text file Filter Data Base

AT Sigma W-Import collects and filters data from text files and stores to any Windows application. AT SIGMA W-Import works as a standalone program or together with AT Sigma SPC. Utilize your data where you need it, when you need it. This Data Acquisition software sweeps in data from virtually any text file format and transports it to your selected database locations. Data input and output with parsing and filtering allows you to trim unnecessary characters and information so your data is prepared for process control as well as archiving.

Multi Directory Mode allows you to acquire the data from several different locations simultaneously while Scan Mode loop checks at user designated intervals and either leaves the data or cleans out the location at your direction.

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W-Import works just like Data Pipe >

Data events can trigger actions sent to other programs for subsequent actions. Example: AT Sigma W-Import sweeps in some data, stores it in the database and sends a trigger to AT Sigma SPC to do analysis. If out of control, AT Sigma SPC can trigger another program to shut down the machine or line until correction is performed.

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You will move the data from its preliminary storage location directly into any database format without ever opening the program. Auto-collection, sharing and unlimited collection points along with automatic Date/Time stamp and the ability to collect data for several databases simultaneously defines AT Sigma W-Import. Special Processing Modes are available for many measuring devices that don't use a delimited text file format, as are custom filters which Advanced Technologies can design to meet special needs (optional).

Utilize AT Sigma W-Import's functions to free up your time and protect your process by using Security Options Lock settings for production floor usage.

Want more detailed information? Take a look at the specification sheet!

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