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The Turnkey Solution for:

1. Collect
Open Front End:
AT-Sigma SPC uses the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and MS-ADO to access other database formats. This allows access to data directly in Paradox, dBase, FoxPro, Oracle and other formats. You can use the SQL tables just as you would local tables. AT-Sigma SPC also supports ODBC, a plug-in standard, that allows access to dozens of database formats (for example Btrieve or AS/400 data). Collection can be interactive with manual input, partly auto-collecting or fully automated. AT Sigma SPC reads directly from a database eliminating import/export cycles.

AT Sigma W-Import allows instant and automatic data collection, conversion and export from single or multiple text files. AT Sigma Data Pipe automatically collects, converts and exports data from any RS232 device or serial port.

2. Analyze
Snapshot views:
Each chart is displayed in its own resizable, scalable window. Unlimited number of windows can be displayed at once, showing data from many processes. Color coding of process status and a wide variety of charting options give the user a quick overview of the process.

AT Sigma SPC easily generates sophisticated reports, charts, plots, distributions, trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis. Click here for a detailed list of all features.

3. Prevent
Real time and interactive modes:
AT Sigma is a flexible component. It can be configured for closed loop reaction, powerful interactive or automatic queries direct to AT Sigma SPC charts, and more. DDE allows AT Sigma SPC to communicate with other applications.

On line reaction plans:
If a process goes out of control AT Sigma SPC can automatically shut down the production and notify users through audio/video alarms, email and even pager. The operator is required to pick from a predefined list of causes (that you provide) and the action that was performed to try and correct the error. This information is tagged to the data for a visual indicator on the control chart and later Pareto of causes. A memo can also be added explaining the situation.

Customized operator instructions, designed to resolve the specific problem, can be placed in Windows on line help, a Web document, or in other form. This allows text, graphic, sound and even video files to be run with instructions on how to resolve a specific problem. This system facilitates ISO 9000 requirements.

4. Present
AT Sigma Intranet Reports
This software allows you to have immediate, world wide, access to all predefined AT sigma SPC reports. All charts are immediately available by day, week or month. Access any chart by simply clicking its hotlink. Reduces network traffic and database accesses, by pre-calculating and publishing SPC clients to Web pages for instant viewing. No web server needs to be installed. The only thing needed is a browser on your local workstation.

4. Archive
The Store and Forward Feature:
The powerful Store and Forward feature allows you to maintain a virtually unlimited amount of process information while at the same time cleaning out older data from any local data base so it remains functional.

The Store and forward feature can be scheduled by time, date or by each record, copied by position or name matching, and local records can be removed by record count or by oldest date allowed.

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