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Why would I need it?

If correctly analyzed, and if appropriate measures are taken to remedy process flaws, SPC can help maintain a constantly high level of quality.

The impact of a high level of quality on the bottom line is obvious; the fewer defective parts the better. Costs for producing unsellable parts, handling returns, customer complaints and more can me eliminated or at least kept at minimum levels.

The resources spent on implementing SPC shouldn't be seen as a cost, but rather an investment. An investment in quality commitment and customer confidence.

Why should I invest in AT Sigma SPC?

AT Sigma SPC has a number of features that none of its competitors have. (ron - give examples). The perhaps most important one of these is closed loop reaction which essentially means that as long as the process is in control the software handles everything. No manual input or supervision is necessary. However, as soon as the process goes out of control, or even starts trending out of control, AT sigma SPC will shut down the process and alert the operator so that corrective action can be taken even before any defective parts have been manufactured, thus minimizing costs.We call this management by exeption, which means that the operator should only be involved in the setup process and if something goes wrong. IMPORTANT FEATURES:




Since everything from data acquisition through analysis and presentation is fully automatic costs for labor can be minimized. No monitoring, control or input is necessary as long as the process is in control. Moreover, AT Sigma SPC offers features such as ... to minimize errors due to the human factor. For instance, on out of control shutdown a specified set of tasks have to be completed before the process is allowed to resume. Automatic on line help systems designed to solve specific problems empower operators and facilitates fool proof corrective actions. The customizable on line help for operator assistance may be used for information on:

  • Product Information
  • What to do if out of control
  • Who to call
  • Drawings of Products
  • etc...

AT Sigma's open architecture allows it to be integrated with virtually any existing system. Data can be collected from anywhere, analyzed and exported to virtually any application or data base.

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