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New Features (Complete specs here)

  • Data Entry Module
  • Calculated fields on Data Entry Screens.
  • Individuals data points plotted on any control chart
  • Spec limits plotted on any control chart
  • Added moving average, moving individual control chart types.
  • Added median chart.
  • Can fix control chart centerline to target value.
  • Sample size maximum has been increased to 400 for fixed and variable sample size charts.
  • Data Entry can now collect up to 35 variables via a scrolling entry form. Database thresholds are still unlimited.
  • Data Entry now includes support for pick list fields where an operator is presented with a set of choices for a field and the field is filled with the selection. This reduces errors in entry. (e.g Scratch and scratched are not grouped together)
  • Data Entry improved to allow a ‘GroupID’ automatic incrementing field. This inserts a unique number for each sample sub-group so the grouping in the database can be easily seen. Especially good for variable sample sizes or when data is added or removed at later dates.
  • Added the ability to collect by part or by characteristic. That is collecting all measurements for each part or measuring the same data on each part then going to the next dimension.
  • Data Entry: allows a Redo function that allows an operator to start the group over from scratch
  • Added new Process Instruction file format. Operator Help files can now be in HTML. We include our own internal viewer to limit ability to jump to the links in the file. You can also use an external browser of your choice. This eases maintenance since many HTML editors are available including all current versions of Word processors (use ‘Save As…HTML).
  • Query By Example simplifies setting up queries for control charts in the Product Filter. The result of the query can be viewed at that time to verify the query and the selected data.
  • Simplified setup includes a Setup Wizard that creates all tables.
  • Simplified Data Entry transition. You can now open straight to Data Entry instead of the status grid.
  • Ability to ignore subgroups then re-calculate the control limits.
  • Improved Auto-Scaling when refreshing data.
  • Email (MAPI) improved to include Cause, Action, Comment and other details in the automatic message.
  • Security improved to three levels (from two). Changed passwords are encrypted into setup file.
  • Support for Group Charting
  • Management Summary Sub-System: shows current color-coded state of each collection operation on the network. Red, yellow, or green indicators. Includes checking for inactive collection. If the operation is overdue for new data color turns to ‘inactive’, and an Email can be generated automatically. Includes information about the last (current) point and indication of history.
  • Gage R&R: standard Gage R&R calculation in a dynamically configured spreadsheet look. Collects from serial gages or manually into grid. Up to 20 parts, 20 measurements, 20 operators. Results stored to a database for advanced searching and queries.
  • New database support for MS Access in 32 version (95 or 97). Uses Microsoft DAO to optimize connection to data. (16 bit still connect to Access via ODBC). Reads queries from inside the Access database for better maintenance.
  • Collection from serial devices now supports TIR (total indicator reading) function. This allows continuous monitor of the gage and calculates Minimum and Maximum values, which are both available for storage.

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