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Statistical Process Control Software for Windows

The AT Sigma SPC software has been continiously developed for the past 10 years in close cooperation with several major US manufacturing firms like Seagate and Applied Magnetics.
turnkey solution is unique because it provides you fully automated, open architecture, state of the art SPC that easily generates sophisticated statistical analysis.

For you this means:

No baby sitting
- automatic
-locates problems for you instead of you searching for the problems

  No wasted time
- fewer steps to get results
- doesn't tie up your time
- integrates with virtually any software
- on line operator reaction plans
No dead ends from
proprietary software
- open architecture
- unlimited growth options
- scalable
  Avoid returned or
defected products
- by stopping the process when it goes out of control
- by alerting you via pageremail, etc.

The AT Sigma SPC Solution consists of the following parts:

AT Sigma
Real time SPC with open architecture providing all standard industry charting plus closed loop reaction with administrator notification and process shutdown if out of control. -- more info here!
AT Sigma Data Pipe Real-time Serial Data acquisition and 2 way I/O between even the most sophisticated Serial Device and any PC Windows Application. -- more info here!
AT Sigma Wimport sweeps in data from virtually any text file format and transports it to your selected database locations.
more info here!
AT Sigma Data Chopper A Data Mining tool which analyzes data stored in databases and attempts to discover relationships between variables. -- more info here!
AT Sigma Intranet Reports Allows you immediate access to all of your predefined AT Sigma charts and reports. -- more info here!

AT Sigma SPC Master Suite is a turnkey solution since it...

1. Frees you from proprietary dead ends by collecting your information from virtually any source, converting it into a usable form, and routing it to virtually any location.
more info here!
-- products:
Data Pipe, W-Import

2. Brings the process into control by applying the most powerful quality control analysis available.
more info here!
-- Products:
AT Sigma SPC, Data Chopper

3. Prevents unwanted costs by immediatly informing you of any problems and automatically shutting down production if necessary.
more info here!
-- Product:
AT Sigma SPC

4. Presents complicated analytical results instantly in an easily understanable format.
more info here!
-- Products:
AT Sigma SPC, Intranet Reports, Data Chopper

5. Automatically archives and maintains data for unlimited collection and storage. Helps prevent data loss and make it accessable for future needs.
more info here!
-- Products:
Data Pipe, W-Import, AT Sigma SPC

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