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World Wide Reporting System

AT Sigma Intranet Reports is designed specifically for use with AT Sigma SPC and/or AT Sigma Data Chopper on your Intranet.


This software allows your Enterprise to have immediate access to all of your predefined AT Sigma charts and reports. All charts are immediately available by day, week or month. Access any chart in seconds by simply clicking on it’s hot-link.

Since all reports are pre-created the charts are available in just a few seconds. Network slowdown is avoided because no data is transferred, just the results. Using AT Sigma Intranet Reports there is no more waiting for charts to be calculated and generated.

With AT Sigma Intranet Reports any chart may be viewed full screen, scrolled or printed. Each chart may have user defined hot-links allowing instant transfer to any related charts.

This software is compatible with most browsers as well as all AT Sigma software products. User determines the order and number of links.

When the Setup program is run it will create all directories beginning at the level specified. The user chooses all charts for AT Sigma SPC and reports for AT Sigma Data Chopper. These ‘Sigma Intranet Reports Aware’ products will create reports and charts in directories for viewing. The Setup can be reconfigured at any time.