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Powerful New Data Acquisition for your Windows PC


  • Real Time Data Acquisition from any Serial instrument into any Windows, Win95, Win-NT application or directly to database file.
  • Automatic Database file switching through embedded commands
  • Separate collection destinations for production, Calibration or Engineering Tests
  • Simultaneous multiple device collection
  • Security: In Operator Mode, system configuration cannot be changed
  • Communicates with even the most sophisticated serial device
  • Easy install and setup
  • No Special Hardware or custom programming required
  • Collects & stores data streams directly (no importing) to popular database formats - like Paradox, without database even running
  • Supports Binary Octal, Hex, custom translations and filtering
  • Database Logging Mode: supports saving data directly to virtually any database format (Paradox, dBase, ORACLE, other SQL servers, ODBC and many more)
  • Two way I/O between with most sophisticated Serial Device with no programming and no special hardware
  • Trigger commands and full DDE support
  • Full user control w/parsing & filtering functions
  • Inputs data to any SPC, Statistics, Spreadsheet or data entry program
  • Direct to database allows auto collection, sharing & unlimited points
  • Trim local data by forwarding to long Term Storage based on number of Records or Date/Time aging
  • Automatic Date/Time stamp
  • Collect Data from several ports simultaneously
  • Able to sort data into separate databases
  • Data Entry form for database record entry w/serial auto-entry for gage fields
  • Fixed or variable length strings
  • Pre-Input Character Mapping
  • Additional formatting functions
  • Extended support for 2-way I/O
  • Expanded set of DDE Commands
  • Supports all PC IRQs and ports
  • Selectable input and output buffer size
  • Up to 56,000 baud in Windows
  • Security options lock settings for production floor usage
  • Full support for high speed 16550A UARTs
  • Interactive watch window displays all serial data and DDE commands for debugging setup
  • Click button Trigger
  • SECS II support (Optional)


  • Email, Fax, Voice, and On-Call (up to 24 hours/day) Support plans offered
  • Custom installation and consulting for non-standard environments and gages

System Requirements

  • 32 bit Runs on Windows95, NT, Windows2000
  • 16 bit Runs on Windows 3.X, OS/2, NT, Windows95

Contact Information

Tel (661)872-4807
Fax (661)872-3316
Postal address 2001 Columbus Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305 USA
Email information@atsigma.com