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Our Site Watch feature built into Sigma facilitates the monitoring of collection stations over the network. Each station running Sigma can be monitored from any other station running Sigma provided you have manager privileges.

Each station can be configured to update a global status table on the network. The stations will report their status to this table on regular time intervals. Using Site Watch, a manager can monitor these stations’ statuses.

Also, stations configured to update the status table can also notify the supervisor via email of an out of control condition or station inactivity that might result from failed equipment, operating system fault or operator negligence.

The Site Watch interface is a grid of LEDs each representing a station. The color of the LED indicates the station’s status as depicted in an on-screen legend. As each station’s status changes, the grid becomes alive with blinking lights. Of course, the less often the LEDs blink, the better. A steady green grid (in control) is an indication of stations performing optimally. This visual tool simplifies monitoring of stations so that physical inspection of each station has been reduced to watching colored lights on a screen.

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