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In order to use Site Watch, a status table file must be created. This file stores information on the different processes.

Note: This example assumes you have installed Sigma SPC in c:\sigwin.

Creating a status table

You will need to be in Manager mode to create a Site Watch status table.

  1. Select Setup | Options from AT-Sigma SPC’s main menu and click on the Site Watch tab.
  2. If you have previously set up a status table, then click the Find Table button to locate the status table. We have provided you with a sample status table called STATUS.DB. It is located in c:\sigwin\sitewtch\. Open it and click OK.

    If you don’t yet have a status table available, check the Update Site Watch Status Table check box. Then, fill in the name of the status table and the directory in which it will be stored. This table must be in a location (usually on the network) where it is accessible by monitored stations. For example, enter C:\SIGWIN as the path and MYSTATUS.DB for the name of the status table. Click OK when done. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation to create the table.

Setting up email notification

The Site Watch must be provided with a valid E-mail profile settings. These settings are required for Site Watch to notify supervisors via email when monitored stations go idle or out-of-control.

  1. Select Setup | Options from AT-Sigma SPC’s main menu and click the Mail tab.
  2. Check the Mail System Support On check box.
  3. For AT-Sigma SPC’s Login Name, type in the messaging server used by your network. For Windows 95/NT, it is usually either MS Exchange Settings or Windows Messaging Settings.
  4. Leave the password blank.
  5. In the Destination edit box, enter the E-mail address of the person to be notified.

How to monitor stations with Site Watch

Site Watchis designed to work on a network, with several stations continously producing input. You must be in Manager mode to monitor stations. You will also need to have set up a status table. The status LEDs will change at specified intervals.

  1. Select Chart | Site Watch from AT-Sigma SPC’s main menu.
  2. The status of each monitored station is indicated by a colored LED. Double-click on any LED to load the SPC file for the station represented.
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