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Using the Gage R&R utility.

This simple tutorial will guide you through the Gage R&R utility. After reading this you will know how to select and add operators to be part of the tests, how to enter data and how to access the results.

  1. Increase Number of operators to two by clicking on the up arrow on number of operators or by typing 2 in the box.

    maximum number for operators, parts and samples is 20.
  2. Set Number of parts to 2
  3. Set Sample size to 2
  4. Set USL to 11
  5. Set LSL to 9

    The Window should now look like the one on the right.
  6. Select Operators... from the Setup menu
  7. Click on Bob and then on Include to include operator bob in the R&R test
  8. Press Add to add a new operator, then type in John for the name and include him in the study.
  9. Press Done to go back to the previous screen.

Press Step 2: Collect to continue.

  1. Enter values for each part in the columns marked 1 and 2. The Xbar and Range fields are automatically calculated.

    (Data may also be acquired directly from a gage, by pressing the Data From Gage button).
  2. Press Operator >> to enter data for John.
  3. When all fields are entered, press Done to see results.

Get results by simply clicking Done when all data is collected.