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Setting up Data Entry.
  1. Open samples\datantry\step1.spc, a copy of the SPC file made in the previous step.
  2. Now go to Data Entry Setup (in the Setup menu).
  3. Here we enter the properties for each field. Click on Width and enter the following limit values: EUL 12, USL 11, Target 10, LSL 9, ELL 8.
  4. Click on Properties. A window with more options is displayed. Checkmark the Required option. This will force the operator to enter a value for this field in order to continue. Click OK.
  5. To make it simple, set the same target values for Height and Depth as we set for Width.
  6. Double click on Volume to open the properties window.
  7. Checkmark on Calculated and click on Define Function.
  8. Enter the expression to be calculated: Width * Height * Depth. This will calculate the volume of our product. Make sure you have spaces between each field name.
  9. Click Done. The function will now be displays in blue under the calculated option. Click OK to go back to Data Entry Setup.
  10. Now we will define names for the operators. Click on String under Field Definitions and select Operator.
  11. Click on Add to add allowed values. Enter a name of an operator. For instance Ron. Then press OK.
  12. Add two more operators, Jay and Eric, by following step 11.
  13. Make sure the window looks like the one above and then click Close to exit Data Entry Setup.

Now, the next step would be to actually enter data to the SPC data base that has been created.

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