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Setting up a new database.

This part of the tutorial will show you how to set up a new SPC file to be used for data entry and analysis in Sigma SPC.

  1. Run Sigma SPC.
  2. Start the Setup Wizard by selecting Setup Wizard from the File menu.
  3. Select the directory to store your SPC file in. Click on Create dir and enter mystep1. Click on Next >.
  4. Create a new Database by typing in mystep1 under Table Name.
    To create fields click on Add, type in the field name and select if it should be string (text and numbers) or Numeric (only numbers allowed). Type in Operator as the name for the first field. Make sure String is selected, and type in 10 for the field length. Press OK and Operator is displayed in the list of fields.
  5. Press Add to add more fields. Enter Width, select Numeric and press OK (or enter on the keyboard).
  6. Follow the procedure in step 6 to make numeric fields for Height, Depth and Volume.
  7. The setup window should now look like the one below. Press Next > to continue.
  8. Accept the defaults on step three and press Finish to create the database.

Now the data base is finished.
The next step would be to start
entering data, but first let’s setup Data Entry.

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