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Entering data using the Data Entry Module
  1. Open samples\datantry\step3.spc
  2. Checkmark all available variables. Press OK.
  3. Four control chart windows will now be displayed. Tile them by pressing the tile all button ().
  4. To start entering data, go to Data Entry menu and select Data Entry.
  5. The Data Entry screen will show. Start by selecting operator from the operator drop down menu.
  6. Enter the following values:
    Width: 10.54
    Height: 9.84
    Depth: 10.55
    Volume will be calculated when you press enter. Click on Save to save the first set of data. Since the sample size is 2 we have to enter one more set, before the point will actually show on the control charts.
  7. Enter:
    Width: 9.61
    Height: 10.87
    Depth: 9.26
    and press Save.
  8. The control charts are now updated.
  9. Let’s plot another point. Enter:
    Width: 11.5
    Height: 14.2
    Depth: 6.3

See how the thermometer changes. Light red indicates that the value is above the USL or below the LSL. Dark red means the value is out of control. If the thermometer is green the value is within specs.

Please feel free to enter data of your choice and see how the thermometer changes. Close the Data Entry window when done.

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