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Automatic Data Collection From A Textfile

This tutorial will demonstrate some of the more advanced features of the W-Import component of AT Sigma SPC.

We will be using files in the sigwin\samples\widata folder.

  1. Run Sigma SPC
  2. In windows, open the following two windows: sigwin\samples\widata and sigwin\samples\widata\bak
  3. Arrange the windows so they are all visible. See below for example:
  4. In Sigma SPC: Open file G5.spc
  5. In the status grid select the first variable and press OK.
  6. Now we need to configure the SPC file to be used with W-Import.
  7. Go to File > Utils > W-Import
  8. Select File > Setup...
  9. Click on the Select tab.
  10. Mark Manual Mode
  11. Set Acsii File Name to: G5.TXT and DB Table to: G5.DB
  12. Click on Text tab.
  13. Set Time Stamp to Date, Time (2 fields) and check Generate unique times (sec)
  14. Press OK.
  15. Click Go Import. The contents of the text file was added to the control chart window. You can click Go Import again to see the data added one more time.
  16. Now, we are going to use Scanning mode. In this mode W-Import will scan a whole directory for files matching a pattern you select and import them to a pre defined data base file. Once the files are scanned, they are deleted to avoid scanning again.
  17. Go to Setup... in the W-Import window.
  18. Select Scanning mode. Set the text path to sigwin\samples\widata\*.txt
  19. Click the Events tab.
  20. Check "Delete Input file after Import".
  21. Click OK and then Go Scan.
  22. All files ending with .txt in the widata folder are now imported to the data base. In this case it's only one file: G5.TXT. When W-Import is done you can copy the G5.TXT file from the bak folder to the widata folder and see how W-Import automatically imports it again.
  23. Now copy 2.TXT from the bak folder to widata. 2.TXT consists of the value 2, which is so low it will make the control chart go out of control. Notice how the control chart caption turns red.
  24. To restore the control chart status copy 5.TXT from the bak folder into the widata folder. The control chart is now back in control.
  25. Several files can be copied at the same time to the folder specified for scanning and all files will be added. For instance, try copying 5.TXT, 2.TXT and G5.TXT to widata.
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