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To set up Corrective Action, run Sigma and choose Setup | SPC Edit and your SPC file name. Click on Options... at the bottom of the dialog box. It will bring up the following options dialog.


Check mark the Tags On box to enable all the other items.

Select the Mail On if you want email automatically sent when the out of control condition occurs. Note that this turns mail on for corrective action, but does not setup the mail system.

Click Sound On to enable playing a Windows .WAV file when out of control occurs. In order to hear a .WAV file you must have installed a sound card or the Microsoft speaker driver that plays WAV files. A WAV file is a CD-quality sound file that can contain your voice giving instructions of just a siren to alert the operator audibly (or any other sound). If Sound On is checked and an out of control conditions occurs, AT-Sigma SPC will look for a file named OUTCTL.WAV. If found, AT-Sigma SPC will play it. A sample file is included with AT-Sigma SPC that simply says ‘Out of Control’. To edit the sound or replace it with your own, use the Sound Recorder supplied with Windows.

Click Pager On to enable the calling of a paging service when out of control conditions occur. You must already have a paging service setup and a modem connected to a phone line for AT-Sigma SPC to dial.

Pager Setup

AT-Sigma SPC can be set up to notify of an out of control situation using your pager. This allows you to be notified immediately.

To set up this feature click on the "Setup" menu and select "SPC Edit." Sigma will ask for an SPC file to open and then will display the "Setup SPC" dialog box.

Click on the "Options…" button. Sigma will display the "Alert Setup" dialog box. The "General Setup" tab will show up first. Click on the "Pager Setup" tab and you will see…

Type in the "Phone Number" you wish to dial and the "Number To Send" in the two edit fields. The "Number To Send" is any number that you wish to use to identify an out of control condition for this process. Select a communications port from the drop-down list that is your MODEM’s port. You can press the "Test" button to see if it all works. Click in the "Pager On" box to turn the feature on for Sigma to automatically use. Press OK to save your changes.

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