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Types of Charts

AT Sigma SPC features comprehensive and advanced charting, that easily gives the user valuable information. From an overall view of the process the user can drill down, revealing more detailed information as needed.

Table of contents:

Status Grid

When a new SPC file is loaded, the first window shown is the Status Grid Window, which displays an overall view of the process:

  1. Open samples\chart\rr.spc
  2. Checkmark the processes you want to display. Check the first four processes.
    (Out of control processes are indicated with a and are automatically checked)
  3. Select Ctl chart from type of chart to view.
    (You can chose from Control chart, histogram, four in one chart and trend chart)
  4. Press OK to see the result.
  5. Press Tile Windows button () to get a snapshot view.

You can return to the Status Grid by clicking on the Status Grid button ().

The image below shows each one of the four types of charts available from the Status Grid window: Histogram, Trend chart, Control chart and Four in One chart.

Just like in the status grid, color coding gives a snapshot view of the process, giving instant information on which processes to examine.

Control Chart

Control charts are predefined in the SPC setup for each variable. They can be Xbar-R, Xbar-S, X-mR. Just select a variable and control chart and it will display itself. AT Sigma SPC provides powerful analysing features that will help you determine if out of control situation might occur.

When clicking on any point in the control chart, in depth information is shown for that particular point.

From this window, tags with comments can be added.

Histogram Chart

Histograms show the distribution of the data with curve fits to determine descriptive statistics and estimates on yield.

Four in One Chart

The Four in One Chart is a composite of the control chart and the histogram with some descriptive statistics. It is useful as a summary snap shot of the process

Trend Chart

The trend chart is a sample snapshot of the process distribution over time. The upper right plot is the most current data.

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