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Chart Properties

AT-Sigma SPC Chart Properties Editor

The properties of an AT-Sigma SPC chart can be set up to fit your requirements. To make any changes to the Text, Axis, Colors, Symbols, Plot Lines, Plot Border, or Plot Background use the Chart Properties Editor. To display the editor double-click on the current chart’s plot border. In the example of a control chart the border is gray and the banner is red (out of control). The chart’s background is black.

After double-clicking in the chart’s border you will see the chart properties editor.

Click on any of the "Chart Items" at the left. There are four property types:

  1. Text
  2. Area
  3. Symbol
  4. Line

Text can have the Font Name, Size, Style, and Color changed. An Area of the plot can have its Style and Color changed. The chart banner is an Area. A Symbol can have its Type, Style, and Color changed. The Tags along the bottom of a chart and data points are marked with Symbols. A Line can have Style, Width, and Color changed. You will see the "Properties" fields change as you click on the "Chart Items" along the left. Change any of the properties for this chart and all future charts of this type that are opened. Press the OK button or press the Apply button and your changes will be saved. Pressing the Apply button will save changes for this session and allow you to continue using the properties editor. Pressing the OK button will save changes for future sessions.


When you right-click on the chart’s banner a dialog box will ask you for a new chart comment.

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