AT Sigma Solutions: Enterprise wide | Single Station | Data Acquisition

The AT Sigma SPC Single Station SPC Solution

- Paradox
- Access
- dBase (xBase)
- Oracle
- Informix
- Sybase
- MS SQL Server

Still not sure if we support your data base?

Just ask us!

With Sigma SPC you can collect data from virtually any gage or text file and import to a data base of your choice. Sigma SPC then automatically analyses the data and presents the results in real time.

You are free to use any data base you want. Sigma's open architecture will read virtually any data base. That's because we love open architecture solutions and hate proprietary dead ends.

For you this means that you are not tied to a package with limited features, but free to choose the data base package that suits you. If you like MS Access - then use it, if you like Oracle - then go ahead, if you know Paradox - then we do too! (Naturally, we provide you with a simple data base editor, in case you don't have any). Once set up and running in control, Sigma SPC provides a hands-free environment.

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