Real time Statistical Process Control for Windows

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AT SIGMA SPC is a particularly powerful software which analyzes data based on statistical process control, usually referred to as SPC, and will provide it's user with instant, accurate, automated and headache free results. AT Sigma SPC will easily generate your most sophisticated reports, charts, plots, distributions, trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis.

In-depth evaluations by some of industries leading engineering teams have repeatedly proven there is no better value than AT Sigma SPC

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Existing data base applications - using most top name databases , spreadsheets, etc. can be used to collect data and be piped into AT Sigma SPC for analysis. Applications can be interactive with user input, partial auto-collection or completely automated with no user interaction. Data is read ultimately from a database structure, therefore no import/export cycle is needed. AT Sigma SPC reads the data directly saving time and steps. And you are free to use any data base you want. Sigma's open architecture will read virtually any data base. That's because we love open architecture solutions and hate proprietary dead ends.

For you this means you are not tied to a package with limited features, but free to choose the data base package that suits you. If you like MS Access - then use it, if you like Oracle - then go ahead, if you know Paradox - then we do too! (Naturally, we provide you with a simple data base editor, in case you don't have any). Once set up and running in control, Sigma SPC provides a hands-free environment.

Closed loop reaction which essentially means that as long as the process is in control the software handles everything. No manual input or supervision is necessary. However, as soon as the process goes out of control, or even starts trending out of control, AT Sigma SPC can shut down the process and alert the operator so that corrective action can be taken even before any defective parts have been manufactured, thus minimizing costs.We call this management by exception, which means that the operator should only be involved in the setup process if something goes wrong.

AT Sigma SPC is a flexible component. It can be configured for closed loop real time systems, powerful interactive or automatic queries direct to AT Sigma SPC charts, and automated self contained process islands. AT Sigma SPC uses Windows DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) to allow separate programs to talk to each other.

Each chart is independently displayed in its own resizable, scaleable window. Groups can be cascaded or tiled to view all variables and/or different charts side by side. Any one chart, or all viewable charts can be printed with one click.
Several ways of looking at and summarizing the status of the process will minimize time spent looking at charts. AT Sigma SPC will notify you of which charts you could be looking at allowing you to quickly select groups of interest to simultaneously display all relevant characteristics. You may print the group or selected items. Full Windows support allows output to all printers.

AT Sigma SPC Executive allows a manager to monitor up to 100 units and get detailed info on each of them when needed.

Real time SPC can use rules that force the operator to enter a cause and a reaction from your predefined list as well as presenting optional comments highlighting the reasons for out of control conditions. When an alert condition occurs, several events can be generated to notify the proper personnel; E-mail, pager and alarms (sound, voice, visual) can be enabled to get the information to the right person or place automatically.

Appropriate operator action for immediate problem resolution can be placed in Windows On-Line Help files along with supplemental photos, diagrams, hypertext jumps, specifications, video clips. Audio can be played in foreign languages such as Spanish, Korean, etc.. to insure there is no question as to procedure or intent, thus keeping production on track and on the quality improvement curve. Support for alternate viewers include Adobe Acrobat, Framemaker files and Internet Web pages.
Data acquisition is automatic from any serial device to any PC Windows application using our AT SIGMA DATA PIPE serial driver (optional). Data can be collected manually into a cell entry box, or streams of data that can be automatically scanned and stored into a database without user entry. Data events can trigger actions sent to other programs for subsequent actions. For instance, AT Sigma Data Pipe receives some data, stores it in the database and sends a trigger to AT Sigma SPC to analyze. If out of control, AT Sigma SPC can trigger another program to shut down the machine or line until correction is performed.

Super hand holding support for new users, or advanced "tech talk" for power users. Varying levels of support programs based on your more specific needs. Consulting group available for custom requirements. Our on line help, plus, our customizable operator assistance/process help makes Sigma SPC easy to use for all levels of users. In addition to our support staff, our Internet Support Program give users access to product updates, FAQs, email support, visual feature presentations, remote access and more.

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