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With Intranet Reports real time and summarized SPC data is made available across the whole corporation. All charts are immediately available by day, week or month. Access any chart in seconds by simply clicking on its hot-link.

Since all reports are pre-created the charts are available in just a few seconds. Network slowdown is avoided because no data is transferred, just the results. Using AT Sigma Intranet Reports there is no more waiting for charts to be calculated and generated. The only thing needed to view the reports is a web browser and the correct password. Intranet Reports can for instance be used by managers in the US to keep track of the situation at a south-east Asian plant, as well as at the one next door.

AT Sigma Intranet Reports will

Save you time

Save you money

Spread SPC information wider

How the Intranet Reports system works:

As data is collected from stations (1) it is automatically saved to a central server (2). Intranet Reports creates a directory tree of ready to view reports on the server and schedules summary reports weekly, daily or in any way specified. Real time charts are automatically sent to the directory structure by the Sigma SPC stations on the data collection level (1).

Sigma SPC stations on the manager level (3) allow powerful queries and analyses to be performed on the collected data. However, often managers want the same information at regular intervals. For instance a manager might want weekly reports every Monday, or hourly updates on stations 2, 5, and 10. Intranet Reports will provide this information instantly, thus eliminating query construction and redundant data processing.

Moreover, the charts can be accessed using only a Web browser (4), allowing non-Sigma users to view SPC information. This system makes process information available to more people in the organization, creating greater quality control awareness throughout the organization. Using the Internet (5), Intranet Reports allows greater control over subsidiaries, with instant real time SPC information from anywhere in the world.

If used internally only, no web server is needed since Intranet Reports can run on a shared drive. For Internet use, Advanced Technologies can provide web server space and maintenance of the site. Email us for details.


With AT Sigma Intranet Reports any chart may be viewed full screen, scrolled or printed. Each chart may have user defined hot-links allowing instant transfer to any related charts. Header and footer information is customizable and can show corporate logos, plant information and even link to manager’s email for instant contact if questions arise.


This software is compatible with most browsers as well as all AT Sigma software products.


The following two fictional case studies illustrate how Intranet Reports can be used to solve specific problems in an organization.

Case I: "Techex"

Fred Johnson is a quality manager at Techex, an Oregon electronics manufacturer. Lately, he has been concerned with the quality at the company’s Malaysian plant. The manager there, sends him weekly reports on the status by mail. But once the documents hit Johnson’s desk they’re already almost two weeks old, and of little value anymore. The time difference between the US and Malaysia makes timing phone calls troublesome, so contact is generally held through regular mail, fax and email. What Johnson wants is to get instant reports on production status.

Intranet Reports can get it done. If Techex would implement the Advanced Technologies solution, Johnson would get his information whenever he wants to get it by simply browsing to an address on the internet, entering his username and secret password and browse the charts at will. He can even search for keywords, finding exactly what he wants in seconds. If there is a problem, Johnson can send the Malaysian manager an email, by simply clicking on the email button by the chart and type in his comments. The chart is automatically attached to the mail for reference.

Case II: "Magcorp"

Jill Smith, secretary at Magcorp, is frustrated. Every Monday she has to spend all day printing and copying SPC reports from the over two dozen stations producing huge amounts of data every day. Everything has to be finished by the 9 AM Tuesday manager meeting. Queries has to be run. Printouts must be sorted, organized, and stapled. There are a lot of things to do and little time. Especially since the phone keeps ringing and there are other important things to do than copy documents. There is no time to customize the reports to individual managers, even though every one of them needs his specific mix of reports, so Jill simply gives them all the available reports each time, creating a 50-page document. At the Tuesday meeting, considerable amount of time is spent by managers to browse through the reports, finding what is important to each one of them.

With Intranet Reports Jill could spend time on other more important activities, and the managers would be able to come better prepared to the 9AM meeting. Presentation and information distribution is made instantly available and easily accessible with Intranet Reports. Actually the reason why meetings are held on Tuesdays is that it takes all Monday to prepare the reports. With Intranet Reports Magcorp can save a day each week and move meetings to Monday 9 AM.