This Gage R&R utility is created to perform basic Gage R&R tasks allowing the user to collect data from gages and performing calculations and analyses.

A gage study can at most allow 20 operators or appraisers performing 20 sample readings on 20 parts.

As you perform gage studies, a list of operators is maintained accumulating over all studies performed. When beginning a new study, the manager should set up which operators will participate by selecting, and including in the list as necessary, their names from a list.

The user can define basic formulas that can be applied to a series of gages from which data is being collected. By defining a list of gages from which data will be collected, the average, minimum, sum or maximum of the collected data can be calculated and stored in the collection grid.

Gage R&R Collection screen:

Gage R&R Query Window:

Gage R&R Results Screen: