Data Entry Module

The data entry module makes it easy for the operator to enter data and helps minimizing errors in the data collection process.

At setup, fields to be entered can be specified as required, forcing the operator to enter a value. A thermometer instantly shows if the value entered is within spec, making it easier to avoid typos.

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The Data Entry Main Screen:

In the Data Entry Setup module fields can be specified as required, protected, or even directly imported from a gage. Fields can also be calculated based on data entered. This is valuable when calculating averages, sums, volumes etc.

Part of the Data Entry Setup Module:


< a pie chart displays frequency of collected attributes.

Custom keys can be defined to increase a specific value, making entry as easy as one key press or mouse click and real time visual updates help tracking attributes.

[View screen cam demo]

Try it yourself! Open the following files in AT Sigma SPC to explore the features of the Data Entry module:

samples/decalc/decalc.spc Uses the calculation function in Data Entry Setup.
samples/detherm/detherm.spc Shows different types of data combinations possible in Data Entry setup.
atribute/atribute.spc Is set up for attibute collection. Keys are allready specified in this example.