AT Sigma Data Pipe collects and filters data from any serial device and stores to any Windows application.

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Data collected from scales, gages, other computers, scientific instruments, PLC's, etc., appear in your program with no manual entry. It also collects and stores data streams directly (no importing) to popular data base formats - like Paradox, without Paradox ever running!

Data events can trigger actions sent to other programs for subsequent actions. For example, AT Sigma Data Pipe receives some data, stores it in the database and sends a trigger to AT Sigma SPC to do analysis. If out of control, AT Sigma SPC can trigger another program to shut down the machine or line until correction is performed.

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You will input directly into any SPC, Statistics, Spreadsheet or data entry program while Database Logging Mode allows you to save your data directly to virtually any database format without ever opening the program (no importing). Auto-collection, sharing and unlimited collection points along with automatic Date/Time stamp and the ability to collect data from several ports simultaneously defines AT Sigma Data Pipe as powerful yet flexible.

Utilize AT Sigma Data Pipe's ability to sort data into separate databases to free up your time and protect your process by using Security Options Lock settings for production floor Usage.

AT-Sigma Data Pipe will operate in two ways:

From another computer system to a database.

AT-Sigma Data Pipe can be set up to send serial data from any source (another computer) to a database file. When AT-Sigma Data Pipe is used in this way, the data is ready to be accessed by AT-Sigma SPC for charting. You can also setup AT-Sigma Data Pipe to signal AT-Sigma SPC to update charts at a rate of your choosing.

From a Gage to an Application Program.

AT-Sigma Data Pipe has a mode of operation that allows it to get serial data (ASCII strings of numbers) from a gage and send it directly to any Windows application. This is a valuable way to import data directly into Excel, Quatro Pro, and other applications that work with numbers.

Data Pipe also has the ability to sort data into separate databases. Security options lock settings for production floor usage. Auto-collection, sharing, unlimited collection points, automatic Date/Time stamp and ability to collect data from several ports simultaneously define AT-Sigma Data Pipe. Includes support for all IRQs & UARTs. Supports Binary, Octal, Hex, custom translations and filtering.

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