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Advanced Technologies' Mission Statement

"Total commitment to our client providing excellent software solutions that have all essential components to facilitate enterprise wide solutions, corporate growth and ultimate flexibility."

Advanced Technologies
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Advanced Technologies is on the cutting edge of global computer technology. We help link your business strategies with state of the art software solutions to facilitate enterprise wide solutions and corporate growth flexibility.

At Advanced Technologies, we're knowledge-driven, with technology as our tool, practicality as our balancing element, and your complete success as our measuring stick. The universal talents that make up the great minds at Advanced Technologies believe in fully exploiting the use of open systems technologies for the ultimate in flexibility and growth. The key is to provide to you a balance of:

  • Knowledge of the overall picture and system options.
  • Hands on expertise for a full range of systems and processes.
  • Common sense; tying it all together effectively.

Known for our AT Sigma Master Suite of SPC & Data Acquisition products Advanced Technologies also provides turnkey and/or custom software solutions which are adaptable, flexible and growth oriented, so market driven change doesn't affect your bottom line so often. We fully support and integrate our various turnkey solutions into your existing systems. We solve the problems; and we make our solutions fit, for a smooth, complete integration.

Our software solutions for many Fortune 500 companies world-wide have brought us rave revenues about our level of expertise and continued support, as we contributed significantly to their success.

Our special emphasis is PC based solutions which regularly interact with many different environments. The PC's explosive growth in power and speed, excellent design tools and relatively low cost make them an exceptional choice for enterprise-wide system solutions, change management and continued growth.

Our clients say

"We are extremely pleased ... we experienced a significant reduction in variability ... 50% in some cases, and we have the ability to quickly troubleshoot control problems"

Vic Ella - Quality Engineer, Applied Magnetics Corporation

"We received better product support from Advanced Technologies than we ever have from any other software company."

Dawn Moreney - Seagate Technologies

Some areas of our software solutions expertise are:

Manufacturing Industry:
  • Gage interfacing
  • Automated data acquisition
  • Statistical process control
  • Real time custom solutions For process lines
  • Automated robotics software
  • System Evaluation & Planning Reports
  • Information Flow Planning Reports

Professional Industry:

  • Data base design
  • Network implementation
  • Tax monitoring systems
Oil Industry:
  • Data logging software
  • Automatic well monitoring Systems
  • Gage interfacing
  • Data base systems
  • Automated custom Solutions


Health Industry:

  • Data interfacing
  • Billing systems
  • Health diagnosis systems

Partial list of clients

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Seagate
  • IBM
  • Readrite
  • Applied Magnetics Corporation
  • Dastek
  • Pruett Industries
  • Nestle
  • Quantum
  • Ruiz Foods
  • Grimmway Farms
  • Paramount Farms
  • Shell Oil