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The AT Sigma SPC Enterprise Wide Solution
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From data to information...

Advanced Technologies provides an Enterprise Wide SPC solution that covers all parts of your Statistical Process Control needs, from data acquisition through world wide reporting. And all this can be fully automatic, minimizing errors and maximizing time efficiency.

At the Data Collection level (pink), data is gathered from Gages, Textfiles or from manual input. The acquisition process can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. One Sigma station may get input from several measuring devices at once, automatically sorting the data into the appropriate control chart.

Normally at this level, users have restricted access to setup and configuration and may, if necessary, only have access to specified data entry fields. Incoming data is processed and generally stored in a data base on a centrally located server.

You are free to use any data base you want. We plug in to whatever you are using. Sigma's open architecture will read virtually any data base. If you like MS Access - then use it, if you like Oracle - then go ahead, if you know Paradox - then we do too!

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On the manager level (green), users can examine data from the different stations and perform queries, analyses etc. Any Sigma SPC user can automatically be notified if any of the stations are running out of control. With the Site Watch component, a supervisor can monitor up to one hundred stations at a glance and get in depth information on any one of them within seconds.



A powerful data mining tool, Data Chopper, can be used to track down relations within huge piles of data, answering questions you haven't even thought of asking.

With Intranet Reports real time and summarized SPC data is made available across the whole corporation. The only things needed to view the reports is a web browser and the correct password. Intranet Reports can be used by managers in the US to keep track of the situation at a south-east Asian plant, as well as at the one next door.

Advanced Technologies bring you a total solution to your SPC needs. Integrating data collection, analysis, control, investigation and reporting, we make sure your journey from data to information will be easy.

Our open ended solutions give you the freedom of scalability. Sigma will use virtually any data base you might have and Intranet Reports makes large scale information distribution very easy.

If there is still something more you need we will be happy to work with you and tailor the solution to solve your specific problems.